7 Home Renovations on a Shoestring that Add Value

If you’ve been mulling around the idea of fixing your home up, you may be at a loss about which project will add the most value to your home. Regardless of it you plan to sell your home or if you’re going to be sticking around a while, there are certain renovations that you can’t go wrong with.

When choosing which renovations to do, remember that you can do just one…or all. You can do them one at a time as your budget allows or do them all at once if you are able to. Some projects can be done to the entire home, such as laying new flooring or painting throughout. You can elect to renovate room-by-room if you would rather. It’s your home, your money, and your time. Therefore…it’s your call.

Here are seven of the best home renovations that can be done on a tight budget but that bring additional price value to your house:


One of the wisest investments you can make when improving your home is to redo the flooring. Flooring takes a beating and is one of the most spots that generally needs the most attention when it comes to prioritizing a reno list.

If you have carpet, it’s probably time to quit shampooing, steaming, and pouring chemicals on it to try to get unsightly stains out. Not only is it most likely toxic by now, it’s probably worn and ugly too. If you have cracked or chipped vinyl flooring, why not give it an update? Wood flooring is one of the best, most beloved options. It is timeless and durable if you choose the right solid wood flooring or if you go with a well-made engineered type. Surprisingly, you may can do the installation yourself but if not, the fee for a skilled worker is usually affordable given the amount of years your floor will last.


Nothing gives your home a facelift like freshening up the walls. Repainting is always an option. Paint can be purchased for next to nothing (even high quality paint). Check for sales or buy one, get one incentives. Paining is a task most anyone can do. Why not enlist the whole family to help? Kids can tape rooms off, older children and adults can trim and everyone can help in the actual painting.

These days, other things besides just paint are trending. Shiplap and other textured wood is quickly replacing focal walls that used to be painted a different color than the other walls in a room. You can even use planks from wooden crates or pallets to give the room a rustic character. Glass, metal, and creative endeavors such as walls made of sea shells glued to it are all examples of savvy solutions to walls. Anything goes as long as you like it!

Wallpaper is making a return too, especially ones with heavy and interesting texture. From sea grass to old fashioned, vintage felt prints, you’ll find it all.

Kitchen Renovations

If you’ve wanting to go it a room at a time, the kitchen is the most profitable room to renovate. You can make a huge difference in your kitchen with some inexpensive projects. While an expensive renovation with commercial grade appliances and all the bells and whistles costs about $135,000 on average, a mid-scale reno of adding updated regular appliances will set you back about $68,000. Both typically return 53 to 59 percent.

But not everyone can invest in even inexpensive appliances. There are tons of things you can do that only look like you’ve spent a lot of money. Updating the lighting, upgrading your kitchen sink and faucet, and changing out your pantry doors won’t cost much but will certainly make the room look and feel better.

Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is another area that plenty of extra value to your home when you fix it up. Start with the bathtub and/or shower and make sure it’s up to date. Consider neo-angling your shower or adding body spray fixtures. It’s probably time to upgrade your sink and fixtures too. What shape is your toilet in? Upgrading your toilet is a big deal, especially if you plan to sell. Since bathroom countertops are typically small, you can upgrade to marble or granite for little cost and don’t forget the cabinets. Fresh paint goes a long way or get creative and add some tiles on the wall…or wallpaper.


Another huge difference you can make to your home is changing out your worn out windows and adding brand new, energy efficient ones. Sure, adding windows to your whole house can cost a fortune but you can take it a room at a time or, if you prefer, a window at a time.

Don’t Forget the Outside

If you are putting your house on the market, you’re not going to have anyone look at it if you don’t have some curb appeal going on. Slap a coat of paint on the outside. Plant a small, inexpensive garden or fill up the garden you have. Trim the trees and bushes too. Drive by your house and see what you think. Do you need more? Less? Even if you aren’t selling, you deserve to love the home you’re in.

How it All Stacks Up on Budget Renovations

What you put into a remodel or renovation isn’t always what you get out of it. Choosing your projects wisely, according to what the return is will always be your best bet.