Commercial Contracting & Renovations

From industrial spaces to retail storefronts, we can deliver on your commercial renovation and remodeling needs.

Since first impressions matter, your physical commercial space is often the first point of contact that your customers have. That’s why it’s important to present your location in an appealing and professional manner.

We can achieve your desired renovation needs whether you’re looking to renovate your existing commercial location or are completely seeking to remodel the floor plan and layout.

Commercial Remodeling

We specialize in transforming and remodeling interior spaces to suit the functional and aesthetic needs of your business.

Among many others, some of key areas that we specialize and have prior experience in executing include:

  • NRe-configuring floor layouts, using steel framing, drywall or concrete walls
  • NTransforming industrial spaces into office environments
  • NRedesigning layouts to add bathrooms and other functional spaces

Commercial Upgrades & Renovations

Commercial spaces often see more foot traffic and movement than homes do. As a result, they tend to go through wear and tear much quicker, requiring periodic maintenance and renovations.

As a result, we help business owners ensure that their storefronts are vibrant, dynamic and enticing to their customers through redesigning the aesthetic and space.

Some of the most common applications for commercial renovations include:

  • NChanging the design or colour scheme of a retail shop - to stay lively and dramatic
  • NImproving light configurations- which plays a major role in setting the desired mood
  • NInstalling new flooring after old floors enduring wear and tear
  • NAdding new elements to drastically alter the look of the space - such as crown moldings, unique lighting fixtures, and more.

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Equipment Rental & Garbage Disposal

Are you looking to complete your own renovation or construction project and need the heavy machinery to help do so? Look no further and rent the equipment from us!

We have our very own heavy duty tractor, the amazing Kubota LA340, to help you do all of the heavy lifting and digging you need. We also have a heavy-duty trailer, perfect for lugging large loads and for garbage removal.

Our machines are available for rent at all times when we’re not using them. Our rental services include pick up / drop off with our own driver, and our garbage removal service includes disposal. Contact us for more information.

Freequently Asked Questions

I have a unique renovation / construction / design requirement. Can you help?

Businesses can have very unique construction / renovation project requirements – such as building displays, setting up temporary trade-show displays, re-configuring retail floor plans, among others.

Ultimately, a lot of these projects involve similar construction and design principles as in a standard renovation or remodeling project.

Contact us or give us a call at 416-897-4442 if you have an unconvential project relating to your commercial business. We love to take on challenges and finding solutions to unique requirements, and can help you explore how to achieve your exact goals.


How do you manage city by-laws and other permit requirements?

Across the GTA, there are many rigorous by-laws and permit requirements for various types of projects. Whether you’re building a patio or want to convert a zone to a different type of usage, there may be regulations around and permits required to do certain things.

Before any project, we assess if or which permits may be required for your specific project needs. We outline all of these specifics in our proposals prior to starting work.