Residential Renovation Services

We offer complete renovation services to bring your design to life. We cover every single aspect of the renovation, from planning to execution.

Complete Home Renovations

Whether you want to upgrade the look and feel of your home, or if you’re looking to renovate before putting it on the market, we have you covered.

Our specialty is in executing renovation projects from start to finish – making Renewation Home Improvements a one-stop-shop! If you’re still in the early planning stages of your project, or if you have an exact design already envisioned, we can help guide you in bringing your vision into reality.

  • NOur crew members each individually specialize in specific aspects of renovations.
  • NWe offer creative and unique solutions, such as heated floors, fog lights, crown moulding, and so much more.


From vinyl to solid hardwood, there is a wide range of flooring options available to respect the budget of every client. Beyond installation, we provide guidance related to the most suitable flooring option to compliment your lifestyle.


Tile installation requires a high level of detail and attention. Having extensive experience in laying tiles, we ensure to maintain our detail-orientated reputation by executing our tiling services in a flawless manner. We also specialize installing heated floors – an enticing feature in any Canadian home.

Plumbing & Water Connections

Reconfiguring piping and connections is a crucial aspect in remodelling a bathroom. Renewation Home Improvements excels in this since we made adjustments to your bathroom layout without being constrained to the existing plumbing infrastructure.


Wall paint is a major component when adding flare and character to any space. We will help you navigate the various options of paint types and styles that are available whilst ensuring that best practices are conducted when executing the painting job.

Lighting & Electrical

Light configuration within a space can define the mood in the room. Through careful and meticulous planning, we ensure that we safely execute proper installation by testing voltage and that there is no over-demand on the power source.

Bathroom Remodeling

At Renewation Home Improvements, we welcome and enjoy home renovations projects where we are called to think outside of the box. That’s why we enjoy and take pride in the bathroom renovation projects that we execute since bathrooms are a particularly tricky part of the home to remodel.

  • NDue to increased moisture that bathrooms are subjected to, it’s important to consider a flooring option that is water resistant. Our team will provide the proper guidance related to that.
  • NBathroom remodeling takes meticulous planning. It’s why we will thoroughly design your floor plan and how elements will fit within it (such as plumbing and wiring).
  • NDue to our perfectionist nature, we never overlook vital components that comprise a properly renovated bathroom such as ventilation. Without proper ventilation, a bathroom can be susceptible to increased moisture and the potential for mold growth. That’s why we never take short-cuts, we take pride in our quality of work!

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are often perceived to be the heart of the house- the communal gathering space where food and memories are shared.

Our team will collaboratively work alongside you to manifest the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you have an exact design in mind or are looking to be inspired by our creative ideas, we can help you through each step in creating your vision into reality.

We embrace the different interior styles and design trends that kitchens are portrayed in. We break away from the ordinary by using regel colour accents, sophisticated island granite countertops, and master integration with modern appliances.


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Freequently Asked Questions

I want to do a renovation project on my home. How does the process start?

Start by reaching out to us – either by sending us a message on the form on this page or giving us a call at 416-897-4442.

Give us a short description of your project highlighting what you want to do. Some of the questions you can consider include:

  • (Do you want to renovate a single room or entire home?
  • Are you looking to completely renovate or just for single aspects (ie. change floors, update / change paint, installing tiles)
  • Are you looking to start the project immediately or at a different date?
  • Do you have design specifics in minds or would you like suggestions or even a complete design proposal?

After you get in touch with us, we’ll schedule a time to see the site in person. We’ll evaluate the space and parameters fully, taking room measurements and other notes.

Finally, after understanding your needs fully and taking an up-close evaluation of the space, we’ll go back and draft a comprehensive proposal, which includes all of the details of the project as well as costs. We will then send it to you for review, to which you can decide whether you’d like to proceed.

Do you provide the materials or do I have to buy them?

We are flexible in the materials we use – and can gladly use materials that you have already purchased.

Alternatively, and what is typically the case, we go and purchase all of the required materials ourselves. This has the added benefit that we have a highly fine-tuned list of product suppliers – which allows us to get quality materials at the most competitive prices. For all projects that include purchased materials, we break-down the costs of both materials and labour in our detailed quotes.

I want to renovate but don't have any ideas or preferences about styles. Can you help?
If you want to renovate but don’t have any ideas as to the style you want – we can certainly help.

We can provide a very detailed proposal presentation that explores many various design styles that can be implemented – including different materials, colours, functional & practical elements, and more.

Want to take it even further? We can involve one of our trusted custom designers and architects to create a fully custom solution.

For example, check out this custom kitchen plan that we developed for a client with@simplytrendsinc

Renovation to increase a home’s value

In some other cases, clients want to renovate a home before putting it up on the market – so they don’t have many design preferences other than aiming to increase the home’s value as much as possible.

We can help in these cases too, and can provide you a run-down of the main renovation aspects that are most important for selling a home.

In either case, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll happily guide you through some of the world of options to achieve your desired goals.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are covered both by private insurance for any damages, as well as pay all of our WSIB premiums.

We can provide all documents and specifics prior to starting work.