Home Renovation Trends and Inspiration for 2021

With the pandemic taking centre stage in our lives in 2020 and affecting the way that we interact with the world, it should not come as a surprise that home renovation trends in 2021 are most likely to embody the things we wanted from our homes last year. In fact, according to Vogue, “Comfort” is the key word to keep in mind this year in relation to home renovation trends, and most other publications, as well as interior designers seem to agree.

On top of that, it appears that trends will also lean towards better home offices, more efficient kitchen storage spaces and generally livelier, more welcoming homes full of pleasant colours and indoor plants.
Below, we’ve curated the top ten home décor and design trends for 2021, taking into account different types of modifications and different areas within the home.

Colour Design Trends

Sunny but Grounded

Between Pantone naming Illuminating (a bright, sunny yellow) and (a muted grey) as the colours for 2021, the Dulux nominating Brave Ground as the Colour of the Year, it’s clear the selections for this season are intended to tell a very specific story.
Whether these colours inform the whole colour scheme for a room or serve as the choice for a bedroom or living room accent wall, the intention is to create rooms that at once make us feel grounded and hopeful for the future.
This particular trend also signals a move away from darker statement colours that may be visually stunning but make it difficult to spend an extended period of time in one room.

Earthy and Close to Nature

Rich greens have also been suggested as a hot trend this year, especially in spaces where technology is abundant, such as our home offices and our kitchens. Not only is green a calming and therapeutic colour, but it also draws us back into nature, and creates a home environment that mimics some of the outside world we may be missing out on.

Home Interior Modification

The Rise of the Home Office

With more people working from home than ever before functional spaces that can be used as home offices are more important than ever. If a dedicated room is available to use, then trends in 2021 are likely to lean towards making the space more inviting, adding both aesthetically pleasing and functional pieces, and ensuring that the colours used are warm and pleasant.

However, a separate room is not necessarily required. Clever use of a section of the living room or bedroom, or even an alcove or a suitable hallway can also serve excellently as a working space. The main requisites are a comfortable chair, a sturdy desk access to plug-sockets and good natural and artificial lighting.

Multipurpose Rooms

2020 may have taken most of us by surprise by requiring us to rethink how we use every room in our home not only for their original purpose but also for working, studying, creative endeavours and even exercising. In that respect it looks like 2021 will see a rise in multifunctional rooms where we include versatile furniture and use the spaces we have as efficiently as possible as we see a lot of our daily tasks move into our home.

Living Room / Bedroom Designs

Cottagecore Inspired

In line with the popular colour trends for this year, the choice of furniture and other accessories in living rooms and bedrooms seem destined to be inspired by the cottagecore aesthetic. This style, which has recently taken the internet by storm, involves creating a space that romanticises country living, that’s in tune with nature, and which shows an appreciation for simple and sustainable décor.

If you’re considering implementing a little or a lot of this aesthetic into your interior design, exposed floorboards, wood panelled walls, thrifted and antique furniture and accessories that use organic materials such as knotted light fixtures can all work together to create a cosy, cottage like space.

Additionally, consider using and reusing existing pieces for a unique feel rather than decorating or re-decorating rooms from scratch.

A multitude of Indoor Plants

To further maintain the link between the home and nature, houseplants are coming back into fashion in full swing this year. They are not only good to have in order to filter out bad odours and fill your rooms with oxygen, however. They are also incredibly versatile as decorations and they allow each individual to express themselves in very unique ways depending on the kind of plants they choose and how they display them.

Furthermore, if your home does not get a lot of light throughout the day or if you live in colder climates, consider sturdier or more self-sufficient plants such as shadow plants that come in contained terrariums.

Bathroom Designs

Bold and Botanical

It seems like the interest in bringing more nature into the home will not stop at the living room threshold in 2021. Instead, it’s likely that foliage and blooming flowers will make their way into bathrooms as trends predict accent wallpaper featuring ferny greens.

In a similar vein, we are also more likely to see tiles in warmer, earthy tones such as terracotta or rust which are fantastically accented by black bath basins and sinks.

Warm Metallic Taps and Accessories

Metallic taps are not a new trend by any means but 2021 encourages us to rethink the popular chrome and move towards warmer tones such as gold, bronze, copper, and brass. In addition, there’s no reason to limit this design choice to taps as other bathroom accessories such as towel racks and soap dispensers can also match the theme.


Kitchen Designs

Stand-Out Taps

Metallic taps are coming back (or staying?) in fashion both in kitchens and in bathrooms in 2021. Yet when considering kitchens specifically, the design choices go beyond gold faucets and into interesting physical designs such as unusually shaped handles and spouts.

A similar option but in a slightly different vein are smart taps with features such as sensors, filters and automatic heating which can be connected to virtual assistant such as Alexa. These serve not only as an interesting statement piece but also help give any kitchen a touch of the futuristic in 2021.

Clever Storage Solutions

Regardless of whether we’ve gotten through 2020 ordering more takeout than ever before, we’ve also been cooking far more home cooked meals than ever before. As such, 2021 trends call for more clever storage solutions in our kitchens for all of the things we need. Expect a focus on larders and pantries, but without giving up on sleek and functional aesthetics. Instead, in order to marry the functional and the pretty to look at, concealed spaces and designs that do away with handles will be top of the list.