Home Renovation Trends in 2020

With the recent shelter-in-place mandates across the nation, people have had more time than ever to spend at home. It’s not surprising to learn that after a good dose of quarantining, many homeowners had little else to do but think of all ways they’d like to change their houses.
Now that things are opening back up again, homeowners will get a chance to take care of their punch lists. From sprucing up a room or two to full-pledged face lifts, find out the latest home renovation trends for 2020.

Focusing on the Big Picture

No matter how bold and beautiful the home projects are, remodeling trends are definitely rooted in practicality. Perhaps due to the recent reminder that the bottom can drop out of the economy at any second, homeowners are venturing into uncharted territory like climate-proofing, green living, and solar. Health and wellness is a prime focus with non-toxic materials, organic paint, and air purifying systems rating high on the list.

Saving money is the main goal on many homeowner’s agenda. Statistics show that they are willing to shell out more cash initially with the hope of saving money in return. Remodeling and reinforcing roofing, upgrading home insulation, and energy-efficient lighting are becoming quite popular.

Just because the trend is leaning toward sensibility doesn’t mean renovations will be fuddy-duddy. In fact, we are seeing quite the opposite. Home remodels are becoming even more creative with plenty of fun, flair, and fashion in the make-overs.

On the Surface


Surface changes offer some of the most noticeable home improvements of all. Ceiling tiles are taking the market by a storm. Paneling is popular now too. Carpets are making a come-back. Linoleum tiles and planks are soaring in sales and wood flooring is as beloved as ever.

Counter-tops are another area homeowners flock to change out. Granite is still in but concrete is right behind it. Copper is a big deal too as consumers are learning that it is one of the most sanitary surfaces in existence.

Family Room Revivals

The family room is where most families spend the majority of their time, so it is one of the most popular places to begin when making home improvements. Many homeowners are knocking out walls and stretching their family room space out, even adding on to their existing homes in order to do so. Room additions aren’t exactly cheap, but many are doing the math and finding it is a better, more practical, option to buying a new home.

Kitchen Redo

Homes revolve around the kitchen. It’s where families eat, gather, and these days, it’s where some kids are attending online school. Aside from new flooring and counter-tops, homeowners are making small, less expensive improvements that make big statements, like installing shiny, sleek new sinks and new sink fixtures and adding in fashion-forward cabinets.

Spending more time at home, a good number of homeowners have discovered their kitchen is just too small. The trend in kitchen additions is to keep the work simple at an affordable budget.

Curing the Bathroom Blues


Bathrooms serve multi-purposes. They are where family members shower, soak in the tub, get dressed, primp, and does their business. Many homeowners are treating their bathrooms to a new energy-efficient, sleek-looking toilet or are adding a new sink. They are giving their bathroom walls a splash of color with shades of grey being the most popular.

There are times that there is no getting around it – a new baby arrives, little kids turn into teen-agers, or an aging parent moves in and the bathroom simply needs to be enlarged. Sometimes, a whole new bathroom needs to be added on. Bathroom renditions and additions add value to the home which is what most take into consideration when taking the plunge.

The Balance

When renovating your home, it is wise to consider the market and its trends. Gray is definitely the color that is popular and if you plan on reselling any time soon, it’s a good choice to consider for paint, flooring, window treatments, and décor. You can always add in your custom touches, like turquoise accents.

If you are one who find gray to be dreary though, by all means, go with another base color. Sand, tan, and browns will always be in style and go with most any accent color you have a fancy for. White is right for some and the sky is the limit for what you can do with it on the wall or flooring.

Not only do you want to consider style and color, think about the atmosphere of your home. Do you want it cheery and bright, modern, classic, or chic? Do you have an active family you need to accommodate with features that allow for easy clean-up? Do you have young children or pets that are tough on flooring and walls? Whatever your personal needs and desires are, don’t let current trends override them. Work within the trends to come up with your own unique home renovation features that will make you and your family happy.

Personalize It!

Another huge shift is that people are becoming imaginative, putting their own stamp on their homes. Those who gravitate to farmhouse décor are roughing up their own furniture, bringing in rusted sheet metal to screw to the wall, and distressing old pieces they find at flea markets to change things up a notch. Minimalists are finding that a fresh coat of paint to the walls adds the clean touch they are craving.

Finalize It!

If you are thinking it’s time for a home renovation, there’s never been a better time. Chances are that your family is spending more hours at home these days which is great because they will be able to enjoy the improvement to the fullest. We are ready to help in any way we can, from answering questions to addressing concerns, you’ll find our team members are here for you. Contact Renewation Ltd. and see what we can do for you.