Kitchen Renovation Trends 2021

What is trendy in the kitchen design industry? There is definitely no lack of super-cool kitchen trends for 2020, from uncovered kitchen storage, clever extractors, and built flooring to crude surface, rounded edges, and beveled glass.

So, if you want to renovate your current kitchen, or just update your tired layout, get the new inspiration from the current and innovative design. The new kitchen renovation trends for 2020 have been listed below:

Smart Kitchen

Innovation and technology are now fully integrated into the kitchen, not just in the form of amazing tools and equipment. Today, you can have a completely functional technology kitchen, from rollers to refrigerators to lighting, into each feature and appliance. The emerging feature of the design is intelligent kitchens. Many kitchens have been smartly built from scratch today. For older kitchens, the owner can be easily fitted in with sensors, intelligent systems, and other systems. Integrated technology cuisines are becoming increasingly popular as owners of residents experiment with new technologies. This is one of the most important kitchen renovation trends for the year 2020.

Going Handle-Free


A kitchen without handles was formerly known as a niche inclusion due to the minimalist trend that arose in recent years. Handle-free kitchen cupboards are a simple way to achieve a minimalist style of the kitchen. Cabinet handles are no longer mandatory and choosing a handle-free alternative creates a streamlined and efficient flow to your space.

Handle-free design can imply fitting the cabinet ‘push to open,’ where the door is opened when a little pressure is placed on. Otherwise, built-in handles from the top of the bottom of the cabinet build a breach to allow access to your fingertips and give the impression that there are no handles.

Effectual Storage Solution Cabinetry

The needless wasting of storage is one of the greatest issues with kitchen cabinetry. You would be faced with constant frustrations and problems whether it is incomplete or unsuccessful. Homeowners are beginning to look for better storage options inside the cabinetry to tackle these storage issues. This may comprise: appliances storage for small-appliance, drawer partitioning for cutlery and cookware, seasoning and flavoring pull-outs, bowl and pan roll-out trays and caddies, tray dividers; in addition trash and reusable and/or extensive drawer wastebasket cabinets. These would make the handling of foods, drinks and small appliances smoother and easier.

Inclusion of Colors

White color will be in trend at all times. We spend much of our time entertaining our friends and family in this area of the house, so why not place our favorite color in the space? We have and will see this as bursts of color on islands, hutches, and even one entire wall, but not usually the whole kitchen. The colors of the world, such as nautical blues and bold greens, will be the colors we will be seeing in 2020. Many cabinet designers are also coming out with peachy pink to add a touch of femininity to the kitchen.

For your 2020 kitchen remodeling or new residential construction, let these new trends help as design features. To build the ultimate kitchen, these ideas unite the very best of aesthetics and functionality.