Condo Upgrade and Redesign


Renewation was tasked with completely refurbishing and modernizing this residential 2-storey condominium unit. Renewation had executed both the design and renovation components of this project.

Among the many changes and additions that we’ve made to this unit, some of the key highlights included:

  • Installation of new flooring
  • Painting all interior spaces
  • Adding new trims and baseboards
  • Complete remodeling of the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Updating stairs, railings, and glass panels to a modernized design
  • Integrating additional cabinets and storage spaces

Living Space

Given the unique features of this two-storey high ceiling unit, our goal was to make the living area open and inviting. To compliment the natural light that comes into the unit, we used light colored flooring, to make the room feel bigger and more open. To contrast these light features, we used dark color trims on the window frames and railings, to create a bold and captivating design.


The existing cabinets and style of the kitchen were outdated and made the space feel compact. We had recommended a marble white colour scheme, which accentuated the space and made it feel more open and modern.

The tiles in the kitchen area were also upgraded to the wide-plank laminate floors that were installed across the entire unit, to emphasize the open-concept layout


Being a highly unique feature of this unit, we focused on revitalizing the stairs and the space around it. With need for more cabinet and storage space, we opened up the area underneath the stairs by installing a brilliant counter-top space that neatly compliments the kitchen area.

We also added glass panels and dark-trimmed railings, to match the color and feel of other spaces across the unit.

Bathroom & Tile

Finally, to make the space both functional, aesthetically pleasing, and to integrate well with the rest of the space, we recommended a light colored porcelain tile for the bathrooms.


To maintain a consistent look and feel, we installed these brilliant light-coloured wide-plank laminate floors across all rooms and spaces of the unit.

The white baseboards and trims were also effective in creating a contrast between the flooring and the new wall paint color, that compliments the light tone that the client was aiming for.